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Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 24, 2007
by Johnathan Mcclure


STRIPE Meeting Minutes
24 October 2007

Next Launch: Springtime.  Details later.

Flight Briefing

We reviewed some of the videos and photos of the October 21 launch.

The flight was a qualified success; We achieved an altitude around 8000 feet and a velocity of 0.7 mach.

We had some trouble with the launch. 

The first igniter failed to launch the rocket.  A second igniter had to be placed.

One of the recovery cables "Zippered" the 18-inch tube.  The main parachute opened early due to slippage.  Consequently, there was plenty of time for the cords to tangle, which resulted in the fin can impacting the camera tube along the upper corner of the camera window, shattering the window and damaging the tube.

The camera was undamaged, but did not collect useful footage.  We believe that the record button was pressed twice, causing it to stop after 10 seconds of video.

Things to look into

We want to drill holes in the parachute chambers for pressure equalization.

We will have to make sure that the parachute chamber tubes fir tightly enough, mainly on the couplers.

We will want to review the amount of black powder we use in the rocket launch.  Two balloons were used on the 21st, for a total of 10g of powder instead of 5g.  This may have contributed to the zippering of the 18-inch tube.

We will want to verify the camera ON indicators.

We will want to review the igniter loading process, including the distance to the top, and using a stick to load it.

We will have to do some testing on some igniters.  We'd like to get a sparkler-type thing that shoots lots of sparks.

We will have to make sure the fin can lands first, by lengthening/switching the drogue lines.

We will have to find a way to reduce zippering.  John Nordlie proposed a centering ring.  Numbering the shock cords should also help.

William will do some research into the igniter compositions and fabrication.

William also suggested using an altitude chamber to calibrate the altimeters.  Tim has one that we can use; there is also one at the aerospace complex.

William suggested a flight manual/checklist.  Tim says there should be enough people there to coordinate and supervise the specific tasks.  This will help spread responsibility.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007
by Johnathan Mcclure


STRIPE Minutes for October 17

Launch details

Next Launch:
~25% chance -- Saturday, October 20
~50% chance -- Sunday, October 21
Contingency: October 27 or 28

Site: 5 miles W of Harwood, ND

We will try to launch as soon as we can, but if rain continues through Friday it may still be too wet to launch on Saturday.  Otherwise, it will be a Sunday launch.

Still to be done:
Camera tube work: Bondo, priming, painting, sanding.
Telemetry tests


Meeting details

The bulk of the meeting was doing work on the camera tube and telemetry systems.

The camera tube window had to be redone.  Will Swearson sucessfully bent a piece of Plexiglass to the proper curvature, with the assistance of microwaved water.

Tim and Tricia tested the RDAS telemetry unit, which we've only been able to get modest range gains out of.  The Yagi antenna has yet to be tested.

There will be plenty of work to do for the rest of the week, so stop by when you can.

Meanwhile, the paperwork was completed for a side project for NASA's Huntsville rocket meet.  The group is separate from STRIPE but will contain many of its student members.  Anyone who has not sent in a resume and a headshot and would like to participate should do so quickly.

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