Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 3, 2007
by Johnathan Mcclure


STRIPE Meeting minutes
3 October 2007

Mission-critical details
Next Launch:  October 20 - 22
Launch site:  TBD

New systems:

Camera tube is partially complete.  Will need a window/mirror housing attached to the side.  The bay will also need some structural work, as well as painting, finishing and sanding.

The window we'll put in next week, starting with an ideas session Monday afternoon.


Oct 1 Mission briefing

The rocket launch was successful, and STRIPE 1 was recovered.  We had media coverage from KVRR-TV and WDAY-TV.

Due to confusion in prelaunch procedures, the rocket was mounted on the launch rail before the recovery avionics were tested.

The Nomex bags for both the main and first drogue parachutes were not secured and flew free.  The main parachute bag was recovered from a soybean field north of the rocket landing site.  The drogue bag was lost, though photographs suggest it may be in the soybean field we launched from.

Telemetry was lost soon after launch.

Postlaunch testing indicates that the RDAS unit was not properly configured to record GPS data.  This has been corrected.


Meeting details
We reviewed Tricia's photos of the launch, and John's videos.

We overviewed the flight telemetry systems

We discussed the camera mounting options, including straight-out, down-facing, and up-facing cameras.

Moorhead State, UM-Crookston, and Concordia have now been invited to do projects.  They all have professors interested in STRIPE, and attended the launching.  A number of students from Concordia visited, but

Tim hasn't heard back from Williston, Minot, or Mayville.  Tim hasn't talked with BSC or U-Mary in Bismarck.

There is a project going on at UND among the STRIPE team.  We don't have to fear squeezing out the other teams, because there's plenty of payload room, both in our rocket, and in the 100k rocket from Minnesota.  The 100k rocket launched this weekend -- Tim will investigate if it was successful.

We reviewed our features on the NASA website.  We have a news item on the NASA page, as well as an interview featuring Dr. Tim Young and STRIPE member Johnathan McClure.

NASA news item and Podcast.

We're breaking new ground with an N launch in North Dakota, so we will have to work extra hard to find a launch site.  We might not have enough space at Larimore.  We may have to adjust the waivers at any of the sites.  There was a rocket meet at the Casselton airport a while back, that might be an option as well.  Will has said he could get us a launch site out by Towner.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007
by Tricia Johnson

ND Stripe Minutes – September 26, 2007 – Stated at 7:00PM – 116 Witmer Hall UND
Present: Tim Young, Pablo de Leon, John Nordlie, Tricia Johnson, Matt Voigt, Lindsey Anderson, Kyle Anderson, Will Swearson.

Taken by Tricia Johnson.

  1. Weather Report for Launch Date: Saturday and Sunday forecasted as Windy and possible rain. Decision was made to watch the weather Thursday and Friday. The most likely launch date will be on Monday. Updates will be posted daily.
  2. Report from Tim Young on NDSU visit, Friday Sept. 21 and Tuesday Sept 25.
    1. Wireless unit was tested to see what happened during the May launch. It is most likely either a low battery or a shorted battery. Kevin Rezac helped getting the unit to work. A 12V was hooked up to the receiver unit.
    2. The unit still needs to be tested for distance since the unit was only tested at short distances on Tuesday. The instructions say it can be up to 1300 ft.
    3. Telemetry Unit (R-DAS) was constructed and tested on Tuesday. The unit consists of an altimeter, transmitted 900 MHz, and GPS. The unit is powered by the same ribbon and must be attached together in the rocket. The nosecone bulkplate is where the unit will be attached. The R-DAS software is on the NDSU computer VAIO. The unit must be configured to work with no g-activated transmission. Will Hun, senior in physics NDSU is commended on excellent work.
    4. The unit functioned properly and recommended for this weekend flight: GPS packets and telemetry were obtained.
  3. Unit will be installed on Saturday. Kyle has standoffs for electronics and several people had Velcro for the GPS antenna.
  4. NDSTRIPE’s two 12V car batteries will be tested by Matt. The batteries were left in the launch trailer over the summer.
  5. Will S. made three giant igniters to start the M1297 motor. Igniter material donated by Tricia.
  6. Pablo de Leon presented an ATV system and discussed placing in rocket. Fin can looked promising as a hole in the tube could be useful for other experiments. The unit could also go on the Oct flight.
  7. Different orientations of the GPS antenna were discussed and resulted in agreement that the unit must be tested outside for satellites to be picked up.
  8. It was decided to invite NDSU press to ND STRIPE launch. Tim Y. will do that.
  9. Watched the launch on YouTube. Thanks to David Demuth for putting it on.
  10. New Website! Kyle put together a new look to the website. Everyone invited to check and add content. A urgent addition is an update box showing when the next launch will occur due changes in weather.
  11. If not launch on Saturday Sept 29, we will meet at 11:00 AM at the loading dock doors in Witmer Hall to work on the telemetry harness and rocket.
  12. Unknowns from the last launch:
    1. The amount of black powder was discussed and needed confirmation it was 5 grams.
    2. Lengthens of the shock cord need to be measured and fit so that rocket pieces in flight will not hit each other. Cord lengthens from the last launch were not written down.
    3. The main parachute took 8 seconds to open; we need to evaluate more closely to see if this is too long.
  13. A report of the May launch needs to be written. Tim Young will be asking people to help compile and analyze the data.
  14. Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 PM
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