Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 10, 2007
by Johnathan Mcclure


Mission critical details

Next Launch:
STRIPE 1.1 -- N motor
Launch site:  Harwood site October 20/21 or Larimore or Harwood Oct 27/28

This launch will go to 6000-10000 feet.  We need to make an accurate computer model.  Our maximum waiver height is 9000 feet.

We will need to work on the camera window as well.

We will be meeting Thursday at about 2pm to work on some more telemetry tests.

We need a new deployment bag for the first drogue rocket.


Media relations:  Dr. Young has sent out a press release.  We also hope to get more technical details on the website.

Technical details:

Harwood launch site via Google Maps.

This launch rocket: Aerotech N2000W-P - 15000 Newton-seconds of impulse.
Engine file available at thrustcurve.org

This is the largest rocket Aerotech sells.

Cluster launch:
We will probably want to fibre-reinforce the rocket.  Cirrus Design and/or LM Glasfiber may be able to help.


Meeting details

We heard how Tim rushed to his Prairie Public interview.  They had a story on air on Friday October 5.

We reviewed some other university rocket programs Tim found on the internet, including Utah State and Perdue.  We also

watched footage of a recent rocket meet where an X-wing fighter-style rocket broke up midflight.

The Camera tube is already fabbed, all we need is a window.  The camera will be in an internal tube, and the window will have

to be cut though the outside tube only.  We will need a window of high optical quality, which will have no distortion.  It

will be simplest to point the camera straight out, so we will do that.  We can try curving the window to match the tube, but

we may have to use a flat piece.  We could either glue or bolt the camera bay in.  We need to be careful where the holes are

to ensure compatibility with the stages.

Engineeringwise, we'll have to bear in mind the temperature effects at altitude.  We will also be doing a colder launch (it

will likely be freezing by launch day).

We've never built an N motor before.  We will have to look at the instructions beforehand.

As mentioned previously, there were telemetry problems at the launch.  While the software issues have been fixed, the antenna

problems require buying/building a new one.

We are now exploring the option of going to the NASA Huntsville rocket meet this year (University Student Launch Initiative)

We will need a good payload.

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